Level 5

Note: There is a unique level of risk associated with Level 5, for which special precautions are required. Download the standalone set of Level 5 Requirements.

Level 5 information would cause severe harm to individuals or the University if disclosed.

Level 5 information includes individually identifiable information which if disclosed would create risk of criminal liability, loss of insurability or employability, or severe social, psychological, reputational, financial or other harm to an individual or group.

Level 5 includes research information classified as Level 5 by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).


  • Information covered by a regulation or agreement that requires that data be stored or processed in a high security environment and on a computer not connected to the Harvard data networks
  • Information required to be handled in the same manner as the University’s most sensitive data
  • Certain individually identifiable medical records and identifiable genetic information categorized as extremely sensitive