Work with User Devices

No Level 4 On Devices

Work from materials stored on approved servers or services and do not copy them to your local system. If you are conducting field research to collect Level 4 data and cannot meet this requirement send an email to to request an information security consultation for Harvard-approved external encrypted portable storage media and process.

Overwrite data or shred the storage media

  • On smartphones, tablets, and encrypted USB thumb drives: enter incorrect passwords until device reformats itself, or select Factory Reset in Settings
  • On personally-owned laptops: remove and shred hard drive or activate full disk encryption using secret key (password) you don't share
  • For Harvard-purchased or Harvard-managed devices: contact local IT Support for pick-up or drop-off of devices so they can remove data and recycle
  • For CD/DVD: Shred at provided shredders or contact local IT Support