Report possible breach, loss or theft of confidential information

Follow instructions posted on the Information Security Website to start the incident reporting process. The University CISO and the OGC will be informed as appropriate of any known or suspected breach of a server containing confidential information. In addition, the University maintains a whistleblowing policy. The policy is intended to encourage all members of the Harvard community to report suspected violations of law or Harvard policy. The policy provides a mechanism for reporting and investigating suspected violations, including a Compliance Hotline which is available to University affiliated persons wishing to remain anonymous when reporting concerns regarding compliance matters.

The Compliance Hotline is answered by an independent third-party vendor and is a toll-free, 24-hour-a-day resource to report concerns for those who do not feel comfortable speaking with a supervisor or other resource. To report via the Compliance Hotline please call 1-877-694-2ASK (2275) or submit a report online.