Dispose of or archive identifiable records with full Social Security Numbers securely when retention no longer required by law

SSN3: When no longer required by law or for the business purpose approved through the exception process, electronic or printed identifiable records containing full SSNs and not subject to a legal hold must be properly disposed of so that the information cannot be retrieved or reassembled. In cases where selected records are identified as having archival value, such as stated in the General Records Schedule, those records are to be transferred securely to the Harvard University Archives (HUA), school-specific archives, or appropriate Harvard specialty archives and then securely removed from the systems where they were stored.

How to Comply

Archive selected identifiable records with full Social Security Numbers securely

See www.grs.harvard.edu for retention schedules and Archive transfer instructions. After secure transfer of the selected records is complete, securely dispose of remaining records in your control that are no longer required by law. Note: Records transferred to HUA are restricted for 80 years and then may be released for research use. The repository may elect to redact the pertinent HRCI information on a case-by-case basis prior to release.

Securely overwrite or destroy physical media

Securely overwrite disk drives in servers at a block level or physically destroy when the server is removed from service or disk drives are permanently removed from servers.